Most electronics products designed for home use today are equipped with smart technology that not only allows them to function independently but to be completely interconnected to the home’s technological ecosystem.  This is referred to as “the internet of things”.  Smart appliances and products can be controlled by apps on the homeowner’s smartphone or tablet, or connected to Smart Home automation systems.  Some appliances and technologies even have the ability to react to environmental stimulus, for example air conditioners that monitor ambient temperature and turn on and off accordingly. This maximises energy efficiency and ease of use.

Control & Automation

Smart Homes have emerged from the fictional world of science fiction and are very much alive and working in the neighbourhoods of Townsville.  Smart Home control and automation systems allow the user to monitor and control lights, fans, air conditioning, security, and audiovisual all from the their smartphone, tablet or integrated touchscreen.  This not only optimises energy effiency and reduces unnecessary use; but is supremely convenient.  Imagine setting your Smart Home to automatically turn on your favourite settings (such as kitchen light, bedroom light and bedroom airconditioner) as soon as it senses your car driving into your garage.  Or opening your front door for a visitor - without leaving your home office.  The applications for Smart Home automation are extremely broad and programming is completely customisable.

Lighting Design

Lighting design can be an intelligent and aesthetically beautiful part of your home’s ambience and security.  When well-designed, lighting highlights your home’s best features or perhaps your favourite piece of art.  Great lighting provides a sublime environment for living and entertaining.  When done well, lighting design not only creates desired moods in certain rooms but can even augment human sleep & wakefulness cycles.  Good lighting design maximises natural light for the best and most efficient use of energy.  Security is also optimised by good interior and exterior lighting.

Custom Home Cinema

Townsville Home Cinema

There are many elements that go into custom home theatre design.  Room proportions, lighting design, soundproofing and acoustic design, seating design, screen and projector choice, balanced audio and remote control options are just a few of the parts that go into a custom home theatre.  With over a decade’s experience designing and delivering custom home theatres with an average budget of over $40k, we are well-placed to help you build and enjoy the home cinema of your dreams.

IT, WIFI and Networking

Townsville networking and wifi solutions

We get it. There's nothing worse than getting error messages, when all you want to do is work and not have to deal with slow speed or connection losses.  Great consideration needs to be given to the networking and wifi going into a new home, or to upgrading the current unsuitalbe system. Our service and industry knowledge can help you work through your requirements, and design & install a program and support a system that works.


The audiovisual elements of a home are one of the most well-used and enjoyed pieces of technology for families.  What is life without music?  And what is entertaining with our music?  Have some friends over for the footy and enjoy a functional, well-lit space with a good picture and great audio.   Televisions, media distribution, multi-room home audio and outdoor audio solutions are just some of the aspects we can consult on and design for you.