When building or renovating it’s important to have a point-person who can help in the planning stages by clarifying your needs, desires and dreams when it comes to the functionality of the home.  Many clients have covered areas such as paint colour and tile choice but often give very little thought to the everyday functional capacity of the home.  Homes are no longer just bricks and mortar – they are hubs of technology.  The electronics integration within the home is not only important for the immediate liveability of the space but it is also important to make allowances in planning and cabling for technological advances that might be integrated into the home in the future.

I meet with clients who are building or renovating and discuss every aspect of the functionality of the home.  This can be useful not only in gaining an understanding of what the clients’ desires are; but it can help draw their attention to things they may not have even thought about.  My ongoing role can be minimal or I can take on an ongoing consulting role right through until delivery of the end project.  Over the past ten years I have worked with most North Queensland builders in this type of capacity and am well-equipped to help deliver you the home of your dreams.