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Who is this guy?

Micheal Engel has over ten years' experience in electronics integration, home automation, custom home theatre design, energy efficiency solutions, project management and more.

Having worked in and around the construction industry in Townsville and beyond for more than a decade, Micheal has built and curated a network of professionals and service providers who can attend to every aspect of electrical, electronics integration, security and audiovisual for your home or premises.

Micheal's ability to create complete electrical and technology solutions caused his peers to nickname him the "Tech Chef".  He has the knowledge, relationships and expertise to craft a Michelin Star solution to your technology needs - big or small. 

If he doesn't have the ingredients, he knows someone who does.

Official distributor for:

B.One Hub



Wavetrain acoustics


Brightgreen lighting systems

Shoot him an email if...

You're running a business and you know you need a complete, workable, fluid technology solution - delivered on time and on budget.

You're building a house and you know you want some cool high-tech stuff in it but you're not sure what's even possible.

You want an automated home but don't know where to start.

You're building or renovating and you want a custom-designed home theatre because sound and picture quality are important to you (because, much like James Bond, you're cool and discerning and you know that good audio is about so much more than just cranking up the bass).

You want an energy efficient home.

You want a secure home with well-designed lighting and security systems.

You're upgrading your commercial premises and you need to add some simple stuff like networking and security.

You just want to have a latte with a super cool Simpsons fan.